Jun 30, 2015

Summer Shenanigans

Exploring a rad art exhibit, grabbing a snack of cornbread and cream soda and gallivanting across downtown with the coolest 
tour guide/friend/vintage camera expert definitely categorizes as:
 "Summer Shenanigans part I".

In addition to our adventures downtown, we also contemplated the life of a piece of corn as we wondered about the edge of a nearby corn field. Don't worry, this is not a regular pastime of ours, "Hey Kenna! What did you do over summer?" slight pause...
"I wondered about various cornfields!"
We didn't dare venture inside, with our luck we would probably find a corn monster waiting to eat us. Besides, we wouldn't want to trample on the precious stalks. Tragedy!
Anyway, we haven't yet figured out what "Summer Shenanigans Part II" will consist of, but we're pretty excited. Any ideas?
Sister posts are so fun to shoot! We've missed them :)
 Meet our friend... he's pretty cool. (Yes, he is holding a vintage camera. Yes, he uses it on a regular basis to take the most AWESOME pictures)
Blowing a few bubbles while in the cornfield, a typical summer activity.
Hey guys! Lulu here, these clogs were so comfy while we were walking everywhere! Wooden clogs by Lotta are the way to go!
Kenna is in the house! Hey lovelies, this dress? Double thumbs up. It's nice and light, plus I feel like I'm ready to audition for the sound of music when wearing it. Yes, I am wearing a slip underneath to add a bit of length. (Tall girl probs, but a little extra flair never hurt anyone)
Old Graphic Tank

Vintage Camera Bag

Go find yourself a unicorn and ride it!
- Kenna & Lulu -