Sep 30, 2015

Minnie Mouse Inspired Part II

We have to do more of these "Inspired By..." outfits! The process of putting an outfit together really is just us playing dress-up, so organizing an ensemble with Minnie Mouse in mind positively takes the cake! What character would you like us to do next?
Let us know in the comments!

A Brown Satchel 6 Ways (Perfect for Fall)

Nothing says Autumn quite like a classic brown satchel.
We found this beauty at an antique shop a while back, and opened it to find the previous owner's name and address! 
It appears to to be a camera bag, and one can't help but what wonder what adventures it has been on.

Sep 29, 2015

The cutest trend has been buzzing around Instagram; you post a photo of the Disney character that best fits your personality in honor of September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
The lovely Kira Petersen assigned Minnie Mouse as my character, 
and she couldn't have been more spot on. 
Before we get to why Minnie is basically my spirit animal, 
you have to meet Kira:

BuzzFeed Feature

A huge thank you to the lovely folks over at BuzzFeed for the feature! If you're a fan of sassy-sista-style, than you should definitely check out the post

Sep 27, 2015

Go Gold

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month;
so let's all Go Gold and honor the courageous children and families that fight this disease.

Nine years ago, my best friend Abby passed away from a very aggressive form of brain cancer. 
Cancer did not define her. She was a ballet dancer, a friend, a Disney fan and a follower of Christ, not a cancer patient. 

I know that she is up in heaven dancing without pain or the fear of another scary diagnosis, but I still miss her and cannot wait to see her again someday.

Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday!
XOXO -Kenna

Sep 19, 2015

Desert Gems

You might consider fall in the desert to be a bit odd. There are no trees to turn lovely colors or a sweet autumn breeze to chill your bones. But once the evenings begin to cool down, we desert dwellers adore evening walks along our oasis of a pond.
 A huge thank you to our fantastic friend Josh, for these rad photos! He is an amazing photographer, astounding pianist and very good friend. Go check out his insta!

Sep 8, 2015

Forest Dwellers

Autumn is finally here! Soon the lush trees will be crowned with gold, deep magenta and cider hues. Sweater weather is that you?

Sep 7, 2015

You Are Good Enough.

It is so stinking easy to slip into being overly critical of your self. Those nasty thoughts of not being good enough hurt. 

I've been having a hard time with finding balance between:
"Do better! Work harder! Achieve higher!" and just letting myself chill, and continue to improve.

Because the fact of the matter is...
You! Yes you! Are fantastic already. 
Yes, there is always room for improvement, but you are good enough.

Thanks guys. Sometimes you just need to write yo-self a pep talk,
 grab some bubble gum, pretend that you can roller skate, and borrow your mom's cats with ice cream skirt.

Sep 2, 2015

Late Summer

These late Summer walks sure are lovely, especially considering that it is FINALLY below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't get us wrong, Summer weather is fantastic. Right up until you find yourself asking this question: "If I wear these flip-flops, what is the likelihood that they will melt?". True story.