About Us

We are sisters from good old Planet Earth with 
a love for fashion and felling confidant.
Here at Kenna & Lulu, we share outfit ideas, service projects, vintage finds and anything else that strikes our fancy.

Kenna (on the right)
Kenna is the younger of the pair. A few of Kenna's favorite activities include: collecting unique socks, singing/dancing in the grocery store, giving music lessons to children and playing any instrument she can get her hands on (although her true love is the violin).

Lulu (on the left)
Lulu would make a fantastic police sketch artist for all Disney related crimes. Has Donald Duck stolen your purse? Just describe him, and Lulu will draw a mug shot for you!
Lulu enjoys sushi with extra wasabi, dressing up for any occasion and making Kenna laugh until she cries. 
Lulu also enjoys music and is a fantastic violist.