Oct 7, 2015

4 Instagram Artists That We Love

Instagram is definitely our favorite social media platform;
We love how photos speak for themselves in such a simple yet artistic fashion. Featured below are 4 of our favorite Grammers' from all over the world.
Rebecca from @aclotheshorse. With her fantastic blog, she is taking this fall by storm!
Kyle Sipple from @kylypso. Why do we live in the city.
 Amy from @myflyingakite. She plays the banjo, writes poetry, has a    beautiful blog and loves pressing flowers. 
Kindred spirit right there.
And last but not least, Cat from @fromsomeoneinlove. She is not only a fantastic artist, but has the coolest collection of shoes! Check out her blog  for more.

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts?
Tell us in the comments below! (And don't forget to include your username as well, would love to follow you too!)

- Kenna & Lulu -