Vintage Trailer Love

 Allow us to introduce a new member of the gang, 
Miss Maybelle the Trailer!
She is a reproduction of the 1961 Shasta Air Flyte Travel Trailer, with a few modern advances (LED lights instead of gas, no lead-based paint, a microwave, the works) We are beyond excited, it's like playing house!

Kenna here! Lulu is a saint. The plan was that she would stay home from our woodland venture due to her recent oral surgery (not fun), but she insisted on coming. We worked it out so she could sleep in the trailer while we wondered the wide wood, snapped some photos, etc.
 Thus, the lack of Lulu pictures :(
Hey! We did get one! Wait, no TWO! Mission accomplished. 

The Kenna & Lulu craft department (code: us and our lovely Mother)
are itching more than poison oak stricken campers to get some Vintage Camper DIY's up for you! Stay tuned...
This is in no way, shape or form sponsored by IZZE. We love them jolly well and that's the truth. My personal favorite is Peach.

This LIFE magazine from 1962 is amazing. The world has changed in so many ways within the last 53 years. I often find myself wishing I was born in the time periods I stylistically adore, but quite frankly I love 2015.
Kenna Details:
Lulu Details:

Ta ta for now!
XOXO -Kenna

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