Oct 26, 2015

We Have Moved!

We have recently moved to a new address!
You should automatically be transferred,
but if not, click the link below:

- Kenna & Lulu -  

Oct 7, 2015

4 Instagram Artists That We Love

Instagram is definitely our favorite social media platform;
We love how photos speak for themselves in such a simple yet artistic fashion. Featured below are 4 of our favorite Grammers' from all over the world.
Rebecca from @aclotheshorse. With her fantastic blog, she is taking this fall by storm!

Oct 6, 2015

Dancing Boots

Do you have a pair of shoes that make you want to dance?
The "swish, swish" factor of these beauties does just that!
But do be careful when frolicking in Arizona, you may fall on a cactus.

Oct 3, 2015


Supposedly, we are finally out of the woods (or more like the desert) in regards to miserable 100 degree temperatures!
YESSSS!!! Bring on the jackets, boots and fuzzy cat-socks.

Oct 1, 2015

Weekly favorites and a Question

Via our Instagram
Hello lovelies! Happy October! We will be starting a new series here in Kenna & Lulu land, where we share anything that has struck our fancy during the week. Anything from Quotes to Live By to tasty treats.