Jul 2, 2015

That's Whole Lotta Sunshine

While strolling through my all time FAVORITE store: Trader Joe's (no, this is not sponsored) I spotted these lovely Sun Flowers! (They are currently in a vase on the counter, and are looking a bit wilted. Any ideas of how to revive them? Glitter? Cupcakes?)

As a youngster, I dreamt of planting a forest of Sun Flowers in a circle, letting them lean into the center, and then sitting inside. Wouldn't that be neat? A little tent made entirely out of flowers!
Some afternoon Soft-shoe, cue the piano.
These shoes are a keeper! Perfectly paired with a light dress for those lazy summer afternoons, or with jeans and a blouse for a midmorning brunch!
Old Blouse
Vintage Camera Bag

Have a rock-your-world-fabulous evening!
XOXO -Kenna