Jun 3, 2015

Hello? Hello? Hey! Kenna Here!

"Hello? Hey Lulu, I'm at the station. Can you come pick me up?
Okay, we can grab some toffee on the way home. See you!"

I have always been a fan of quirky bags, but this beauty takes the cake. It actually works! Yes, you may get some odd looks from passers by as you make your various calls, but who cares! 
They're simply in awe, that's all. 
Old Top
Old Jeans 
Side note:
Does anyone have a trick on how to prevent getting eaten alive by mosquitoes? Every summer I become mosquito bait, and I have had enough. Listen here mosquitoes, I don't know what I ever did wrong against you and I am terribly sorry if I did. But...
Can't you give a girl a break?
Have a wonderful day! Don't forget to eat plenty of veggies in preparation for National Doughnut Day! (I can't wait!)

XOXO -Kenna