Jun 5, 2015

National Doughnut Day! Featuring a Little Helper

Hello everyone! Hope you have had a fabulous National Doughnut Day!
I was getting ready to shoot this oh so sweet DIY when our baby sister Bea, came in from the rain and asked if she could help. 
(We call her the baby, but she isn't quite so anymore *tear*) 
Sure! why not?

She had a blast! I ended up just leaving her to frost to her heart's content, while I taste tested one or two. Pretty sweet deal right? While she was using up the remainder of our sprinkles stash, (prepare yourself for some serious sprinkle action) the rain started up again :) Baking in the rain? So much fun.
Imagine this: "I need some custom doughnuts in specific colors to mach my party, but I don't have a fancy doughnut shop nearby! What will I do!?!? The party will be ruined! *bursts into tears*" 

Never fear, this handy DIY will solve everything! Simply take some ordinary glazed doughnuts (we bought our's from Krispy Kreme) and decorate them with glaze/frosting in the colors of your dreams!

"That's great and all, but isn't that cheating?"

Not necessarily, we're just using this fool-proof alternative method until we get our doughnut making skills perfected :)
Bea and I made the mini chocolate doughnuts from scratch using this handy Doughnut Maker, the recipe we used came with the press.
 (no, this was not sponsored)
If you would like a non-cheating doughnut recipe, check out one of our favorite blogs: www.awwsam.com
Sam is nuts about doughnuts!

Have a lovely evening!
XOXO -Kenna 
Bea :)