Jun 10, 2015

Tulle Understands

Tulle doesn't care that you wiped off your winged eyeliner forty-leven times before going with the "smokey effect", Tulle doesn't mind that you would rather watch Big Bang Theory than The Notebook, and Tulle definitely supports you whole heartedly when taste-testing ice cream from the carton.

Tulle understands.

Plus, who doesn't want to prance around the grocery store like a fairy princess?
Skirt C/O eShakti 
Similar Underskirt (to add more poof)
DIY Top 
I borrowed one of my Dad's shirts and cut/sewed it to kingdom come. Now it fits! I don't think he wants it back. DIY?  
...probably not to come.
DIY Shoes
I covered my favorite cloth flats in patterned fabric. DIY coming soon! ... maybe. Let me know in the comments if you want me to show you how I made them!
Bag - Disaster Designs

Ta ta for now!

XOXO -Kenna