Nov 17, 2014

Fall/Winter 1940

Hello! Kenna here. Sorry about the quantity of posting or lack there of. We have been very busy with other fantastic projects (like the new header! Don't you love it?!?! We sure do) Never fear, we have some exciting outfit ideas on the horizon.

1940's winter/fall fashion is my weakness. 
I absolutely adore the way women embraced buttons, midi skirts, fun collars and kitten heels. All of which are right up my ally.
There is something about staying classy, yet warm that strikes my fancy. 
I really enjoy looking through my grandmother's old photographs and seeing what she wore when she was young. There is one dress in particular that looks quite a bit like the one in the last photo.
Oh how I wish she still had it! At least she enjoyed it, rather than putting it at the back of her closet.

Thanks! XOXO, Kenna

(all of the photos where found off of my Google machine)

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