Oct 18, 2014

"knitter" button tutorial

Remember this post? I thought it would be a grand idea to do a tutorial on how I made my "knitter" pin. It was super easy to make, it's a great conversation starter and I believe the knitters of this universe need to come out of the shadows. 

You will need:
- A circular piece of cardboard 1" in diameter 
- Yarn in the color of your choice
A Clear Plastic Button 
- Mini knitting needles.
Note: I got mine from a craft store that is now out of businesses.
I'll keep you guys posted if I find something similar.
For the time being, I would glue two round beads onto a pair of tooth picks.
- A piece of paper with "knitter" written nice and neat.
- Lace
- A Hot glue gun
- Scissors

Step one: 
Put a dab of glue onto your cardboard round and wrap the yarn until the cardboard is no longer visible. Put more glue on as you go.

Step two:
Poke the mini knitting needles into the ball of yarn according to your fancy.
Then glue it onto the button.

Step three:
Glue on the "knitter" tag.
Finish off your badge with the trim of your choice.

That's it folks! I can't wait to see what kind of variations you come up with!
Please tag us @kenna_and_lulu on Instagram so we can see your 
crafty creation!

Cheers! -Kenna

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