Oct 23, 2014

Geek out

Wearing a tee shirt is the perfect way to blast your personality at the highest volume possible.
I have always been a fan of geek wear, yup I'm a geek. Now you know.
My Hogwarts shirt is so faded it looks like I was held hostage in the black lake for years.
If you think of anything more majestic than a lion and a unicorn floating in space, please contact me immediately. So I can frame it.

There is only one problem, ModCloth doesn't carry this any more. What am I supposed to do when/if I get spaghetti sauce on it??? This is a MAJOR dilemma we must find a solution for.

I am sending all of you on a quest! To find an article of clothing that is just as amazing or is a close second, so we can all purchase it and become buddies.

shirt- ModCloth
pants- h&m
shoes -ModCloth

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