Oct 29, 2014

National Hug Your Cat day i.e. National Cat Day

HAPPY NATIONAL CAT DAY!!! If you are reading this on the 30th no need to worry, every day is National Cat Day in our book.

We are the biggest cat lady wannabes.

Sadly, we cannot own a cat due to our current situation :(
So obviously that means: 
1. Owning a vast amount of cat apparel is a must.
2. On occasion we call our dogs cats, just for fun. (As specially the little one, she could definitely pass for a cat.)

Hug your kitty(s) for us! 

If you don't have a kitty, you could always look at cat memes on Pinterest... or hug someone else's cat. 


Necklace - vintage
sunglasses - similar


blouse - old
earrings - old

                    XOXO - Kenna & Lulu
when will the leaves on the tree behind us turn glorious-golden-red??? I seriously feel like we live in a time warp. Love, Kenna

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