Aug 3, 2015

An Arsty Dress, Deep-Dish Pizza and a Pug

We are just on our way out for lunch! Would you care to join us? Oh... bummer. Looks like the invention of downloadable food isn't quite up and running. Not to worry! We'll postpone for now, which will give us enough time to decide where we want to go!
Are you up for sushi? What about pizza? Cupcakes? Got it, we'll check out the new cupcake shop two blocks over. Cupcakes for lunch- Done deal. 
Checking out the new restaurant down the street is the perfect excuse to dress up. Even if it's not necessarily the "Dress-up" sort, who cares! Turn any occasion into an event with a simple twirly skirt and your favorite purse. 
Hi all! Kenna here,  this is by-far one of my top 10 favorite outfits 
of all time.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard me right... of all time. 

The print reminds me distinctly of Piet Mondrian's painting
Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow, 1930
Inspired by Mondrain, Yves Saint Laurent designed these glorious dresses in the year 1966. Oh hey science, as soon as you finish the downloadable food project we mentioned earlier, would you mind making a time machine?
(As a nifty little nod to Yves Saint Laurent, incorporated in the outfit below is his iconic neck-tie)
Shout out to all of our Chicago peeps! For lunch we had the most AMAZING deep-dish pizza after a day of wandering the city, and golly, pizza will never be the same!

Let's conquer Monday
- Kenna & Lulu - 

Lulu Details:

Kenna Details:
 This dress can be found Here and Here
 (One fun note about this dress is that due to the print, each dress is different. This particular dress has more green/brown than some, love it!)
Old Belt


  1. Oh my goodness....Kenna, YOUR DRESS!!!!!! 😮😯 LOVE!!!!
    Your addition of the tie blouse perfectly completed it!!

  2. Super duper cute! I love both your outfits. I, too, have a dress that my mother-in-law refers to as my "Mondrian Dress" because of the square pattern!

    As an aside, you girls' hair is gorgeous. Do you do anything special to keep it healthy long?

  3. Both of you look amazeballs! Love Lulu's flats. I had seen Kenna's dress online earlier and was wishing I could have it!


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