Aug 11, 2015

Red Bike Tuesday

Riding a bicycle while talking on the phone is definitely NOT something I would recommend, but wearing a phone? Absolutely!
The bicycle has evolved quite a bit since it was invented some 200 years ago, and I quite like this model. We rented this beauty for the afternoon while wandering the Illinois countryside, saying the ride was fantastic would be an understatement. 
The wine cellar behind me was a wonder to look inside! We spoke with the owners of the house that it is attached to, and they kindly offered to give us a tour. Carefully stepping down the steep steps was like walking into an ancient artifact. Being from the suburbs, it always takes my breath away to be in a building over 100 years old. Let alone 200!  
Old Belt
Have a lovely day! And if you're like me, and don't personally own a bike (yet!), enjoy this fantastic 1940's "Bicycle for two" advertisement. Quick question, why is James riding a motorbike in the house? (refer to the video, so you know I'm not crazy)
XOXO -Kenna