Aug 4, 2015

An Evening Bicycle Venture

Hello lovelies! Kenna Here! Last week, Lulu and I explored the beautiful (and humid) Illinois country side. The people we met where so kind and welcoming, we couldn't help but take a great liking to this cute marsh by the Mississippi. We rented this darling red bicycle just long enough for me to realize how much I miss evening bicycle rides. Well, guess I'll start saving up!
The sweetest Grandpa fellow asked: "Why are ya all dressed up with nowhere to go?" I replied that you never know when you'll happen upon an occasion! He went on to serenade us with songs from "Annie Get Your Gun" and all things Annie Oakley (he said that my top required such a performance). His wife was equally nice in every way, I love old people! Sorry, er... the older + wiser members of the community.
 The cats with umbrellas skirt; a summer evening essential.
I just about fainted when I heard that this shed was all original from the early 1800's. It belonged to the Bed and Breakfast that we rented the bike from, so after asking the owners if it would be alright if we took a few pictures, they gave us a tour of the property! Talk about hospitality!

Ta ta for now!
XOXO -Kenna

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  1. Oh what a fun trip! Love the bike and that she's is definitely fabulous:)


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