Aug 13, 2015

Out Walking the Dog

Unfortunately, the the only dog walking I'll be doing this afternoon is with my purse. But hey, he is a dog!

Our poor pooches, they tend to pant till kingdom come if they even lay a paw outside. As soon as Yoda scampers inside after a bark at the neighbors' cat, he quickly pancakes out onto the cold kitchen tile and sports the: "road kill doing breaststroke" pose.
I'll go get him a fan.

If your whereabouts allow you to stroll about with your pooch, this outfit fits the bill perfectly! Comfortable clogs add a dash of chic to this summer ready ensemble, with a nifty squeaker found on your pug purse.(Perfect for getting your dog's attention if necessary)

WARNING: When you press the nose of this pug purse, he squeaks! So... If your furry friend is prone to chewing up squeaky toys, do be careful. They might find your purse a bit too interesting for the purse's own good.
ASOS Overalls (currently out of stock)
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Let's rock this weekend! deal?
XOXO -Kenna