Aug 24, 2015

The Zoo? Okay, Let's Find the Flamingos.

Hello lovelies! So sorry about falling off the face of the planet. Our nifty spaceship of a computer crash landed on the planet "not gonna work" and our satellite transmissions where not very successful.
We recently had a fantastic time at the Chicago zoo! Visiting the flamingos (a major highlight) and eating the most amazing shaved ice on the face of this earth. Naturally, we ate the summer treat with grace and poise, and took an array of photographs from all angles. 
Booth statements regarding "poise" and photographs are completely false.
 But trust us on this- whoever invented the strawberry and pineapple flavored shaved ice is a genius. 
Is it just us, or is that a headless goose in the background?
Must be a Chicago thing.
A huge shout out to all of the geese that took part this post! Your photobombing skills where superb.

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Don't forget, today is international Waffle day!

- Kenna & Lulu -