May 28, 2015

Yours Truly, Kenna

When was the last time you sent a letter to a friend?
Having grown up in the era of E-mail, sending a letter via snail mail is quite fun! Writing it out, choosing my favorite best stamp and then dropping it into the mail box has given me the greatest satisfaction. Then there is getting one in return, don't even get me started, I love it! There is something simple and sweet about sending/getting a letter, it just feels so sincere.

Let's all send a letter (or two) to a friend! Even if you see them regularly, try sending them a handwritten postcard, letter or package labeled "TOP SECRET" but with cookies instead of evidence. 
Or maybe the cookies are the evidence...

Who knows, they may write back!
Old Beret 
Vintage Camera Bag
 It has been almost chilly lately! Therefore, the beret felt fitting.
Anyone have any stationary suggestions? 
Let me know in the comments if you do!

XOXO -Kenna