May 25, 2015

Thank You

We hope that you have had a wonderful memorial day!

Kenna here, have you every been to a rummage or estate sale and have been aghast at how cheap precious treasures are being sold for?

I went to a garage sale and came across a worn plastic bag full of medals. The gentleman having the sale said that some were his grandfathers medals, others he found at an estate sale and a few belonged to family members, but he couldn't remember exactly who. The little sticker on the worn bag said $3. 
I didn't know what to do! Only $3???
I wanted to offer him more, but another customer was trying to get his attention, so I payed him and left. After doing some research, 
I found that the medals ranged from WWII to The Korean War.
(I am still researching further, so I'll keep you posted!)

I still have yet to find a proper way to display them,
 perhaps a shadow box?

These medals mean something, they where important to someone.

Let's be sure not to put our heroes in figurative rummage sales. These men and women love us and want us to keep the freedoms that we love so dearly. Just because tomorrow isn't Memorial Day does not mean that we can't celebrate the men and women that safeguard our precious rights and safeguard our country.

Thank you to those that have gone on before us and have given their time and even their lives for our precious freedoms. 

Thank you.


Leave us a comment with any ideas on how to best display and honor these medals.