May 21, 2015

A Twirly Skirt and Buster the Butterfly

Something about wearing a twirly skirt, banana earrings, a bright floral hair scarf and mustard wedges makes me giddy.
Oh and carrying a cactus, we can't forget the cactus.

Side note: Isn't this cactus just fabulous?
 Cacti have that slightly goofy aura that makes me want a... forest? A forest of cacti? Or maybe a flock. Yes, I want a flock of cacti.
Banana Earrings Old
Vintage Hair Scarf
Twirling in heels with a cactus must be left to the professionals.
Meet Buster the Butterfly! 
We found him sitting on our porch yesterday afternoon, with his wings all crumpled up. After bringing him in, and giving him a peach to sit on, our little sister proceeded to christen him Buster. 
He flew away shortly after seeing that his portraits where finished, good luck Buster!
XOXO -Kenna