Dec 25, 2014

Tiny Tim and I, Kindered Spirits

"God bless us, everyone!"
I have always had a love for Tiny Tim, but now I can watch "A Christmas Carol" with a greater sense of... well, I guess you can consider Tim and I kindred spirits.  

(I slipped and fell last night while viewing our glorious luminaries, and managed to break my foot.) 

I'll be on crutches for 4-6 weeks. 
But hey, this is my chance to rule the grocery store by driving one of those loud scooters! Watch out fellow shoppers, watch out.

The splint can be found at your local hospital.
Have a happy and safe rest of your holiday!

XOXO -Kenna


  1. Will you be in cast?

    I was in a cast for six weeks on the left leg is past summer for a navicular stress fracture. I think it started at a Cross-Fit class. Having cast means people always are staring at your casted leg. So I made sure I went and got a pedicure regularly. Like my friend said, “if you are going to have your toes exposed for awhile, you might as well keep them looking nice. Since it was mid August, things were a bit slow at work…and did not have to meet much clients. This gave me a chance to dress a bit casually….which meant I was bit bold and started wearing a filp flop on my good foot to work….which was actually totally comfortable and also helps with the crutches. felt more normal having my toes exposed on both feet than just the one. There is very little information out there that shows how one could maintain some level of fashion with a cast. It will be nice if you model on your blog if you get a cast, so that others could get some tips.
    Happy and quick healing.

    1. Thanks Erin! Just wait, we are totally going to take this whole broken foot business on as a challenge. Who says being in a cast/boot can't be fashionable!


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