Mar 2, 2015

Raining Cats and Pandas

We have been waiting for the perfect afternoon to feature our little friend the panda umbrella, and today was the day! 
We currently have a slight (okay, maybe more than slight) obsession with collared tops so Men's Wear inspired is totally up our ally.

The blossoms are gone! They where replaced with lush green leaves! 
Gosh Nature, you sure are fancy.
Have a lovely evening! One last note, eating a chocolate chip cookie while blogging definitely increases productivity. 
Much... Munch... Munch.

- Kenna & Lulu -


  1. That umbrellas is so perfect!

  2. We think so too! Umbrellas are fun all by themselves, but a panda umbrella??? Too good not to share.

  3. I love your all's outfits...and I really LOVE that you and your sister blog together. I'm trying to get my sister to do a guest blog on mine, but no luck yet! Luckily, my mom's on board. :). Looking forward to your next post!


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