Jul 14, 2015

When Hiking...

When hiking, be sure to confirm that your jewelry is firmly fastened.

After our exciting excursion amongst the trees, wildlife and bugs (they are not my personal favorite, but I survived) I found that my working mini-harmonica had fallen off it's chain. The loop it was hanging from must have been a loose, and fell off without me noticing. Bummer. On the bight side, now a fuzzy squirrel has a harmonica that is just his size!
"BREAKING NEWS! Scientists have discovered a harmonica playing squirrel while still in his natural habitat!"
Here is a great after hike activity:
Go through your pictures and point out all of the marvelous poisonous plants that you missed because you where busy frolicking :) 
 It is a regular occurrence that I forget the proper hiking foot-wear, but these sandals worked out quite nicely!
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Now go find your self a tree and hug it!
XOXO -Kenna


  1. Your outfit is very lovely, and awww I can picture that squirrel enjoying his new harmonica :)
    This place is so beautiful, i wouldn't mind just sit there and read books all day!!
    Gorgeous photos!

    (from A Golden Picnic)

  2. Oh that is so sad about your necklace...but I was thinking the same thing as you...now a wild animal has their very own harmonica!:) Absolutely love how these pictures capture the serene luscious beauty of creation, so stunning. And I am totally loving that skirt by the way:0

  3. I'm so sorry you lost your necklace! But that top is absolutely adorable.


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