Jul 7, 2015

Pink Purse + a Fairy Dino, Two Essential Accessories

 Yes, that is a dinosaur in a fairy costume. You're welcome.

Some of the most fabulous and innovative things in this world are pink!
For example: The Pink Panther, bubble gum, handheld pink erasers, strawberry milkshakes, our Insta friend Amy's fab new pink hair (Amy Rose Studios *insert winking face imoji*) and lastly- this purse.
 Lulu here! I completely love this purse! It’s the perfect size for my wallet, phone, and favorite lip color. This is really helpful because I am always carrying more than I need. 
“Of course I need bear repellant in the big city!! What If a Grizzly bear fell asleep by my car and I couldn’t get in!?!”

When I have this bag, I can carry my essentials without the back pain. Looking chic and feeling good are critical ingredients in your daily dose of confidence. Plus it matches the dinosaur.
Kenna present! This bag rocks. Only one small note, ModCloth should definitely make a warning note to accompany this gem. 
Luckily, I have taken the time to do just that! Behold:

WARNING! THIS BAG MAY CAUSE BODILY HARM DUE TO OVEREXPOSURE TO "TOO MUCH CUTENESS" TAKE CAUTION! If you are feeling lightheaded, have a sudden urge to hug a kitten or overwhelming cupcake cravings then please, call your local unicorn for treatment.
Lulu Details:

Kenna Details:
Thrifted Belt

Watch out Wednesday!
- Kenna & Lulu -


  1. Ya'lls posts are always the best!! Love the colors and fun of this post:)

  2. So much pink! Love it!!
    And your dino is kind of cool, with the sparkly outfit and all :)

    (from A Golden Picnic)


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