Jul 4, 2015

Cherry Flavored 4th of July

Hello lovelies! Doesn't an afternoon picnic just hit the spot?
Today's venture was fabulous. A squirrel bowl full of juicy cherries, Kenna's ukulele, a phone call to USA full of birthday wishes and plenty of early bird fire works. 
(Ya know fellas, if you wait until it's dark, you can actually see the sparks!...never mind)
"Hey USA, just calling to wish you a happy birthday.
K bye."
Hello Lucille Ball, what's new?

Did you know that "I Love Lucy" is available on Amazon prime!?!?
(This totally sounds like an advertisement) Lucille Ball is one of our favorite style icons, she'll make you laugh till you have mascara running for the hills. 
We are officially red-lip addicts.
Due to the fact that we are nearly out of our favorite color, (the stick is officially called a "bullet") we might as well own it. 

There is no shame in wearing the same lip color practically every day if it makes you feel like a million bucks.
The end.
Lulu Details:


  1. these are such fabulous outfits! And oh my gosh, Lulu's hair is incredible. Those victory rolls!

  2. Very classy and uniquely patriotic looks ladies! And that is a great shade of lipstick.


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