Feb 15, 2015

The Cardigan Club

 Welcome to The Cardigan Club! 

As this is our first meeting,
we figured it would be polite to welcome you.
The Cardigan Club is a place for all that enjoy the classic yet whimsical genre of style. 
Anything with a collar, button or bow is our mascot.  
 As a member of the cardigan club, you are not vowing to flaunt only
fashion that would appease a girl scout; 
then again, an occasional peter pan collar is quite nice :)

Simply use the hashtag #jointhecardiganclub on 
Instagram and Facebook so we can see your fabulous ensembles! 
We would LOVE to feature you! 
(don't worry we will leave the credit to you, gorgeous)
loosing a finger in 3... 2... 1...

We hope that you all had a lovely Valentine's Day!
Enjoy your Sunday!

- Kenna & Lulu -

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