Apr 24, 2015

Duke & Angel

Our lovely Friend Eleana has the most beautiful horses!
We became fast friends with Duke (he is a darker brown) and Angel (she is auburn with white spots on her nose). They are so sweet! 
As soon as you walk by, Duke will come up to you and snuggle his soft head on your shoulder hoping that you will give him a pat. 
P.S. They smell so good! She must wash them in 
Philosophy Amazing Grace
No, that was not a commercial.

You can tell by Duke and Angel's sweet demeanor, that they are
Lulu Details:
Kenna Details:
Lulu Details:
Heels old
We can't forget Molly!
If you go to the dictionary and look up "sweet" you will find a portrait of Molly in all of her glory. 
You can't find it? Your dictionary must be broken.

Have a lovely Friday!
 - Kenna & Lulu - 

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  1. Oh your ensembles are so pretty and these pictures are stunning!! Love the horses and sweet puppy:)


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